The company has two major brands: Federal Tires and Hero Tires. The Federal brand is aimed at positioning on global market, and Hero is mostly targeted to the internal market of mainland China

The Light Truck Tire, SUV Truck Tire - Couragia Adventure series - offers a full line of tires that combine performance and style, blending a sporty tread pattern with optimum levels of treadwear and grip. No matter what your needs, they have a tire for your SUV/Light Truck.

Tire treads

Mud terrrain

Couragia M/T

Very good offroad tire for general use.
Couragia M/T

Avg rating: 

All terrrain

Couragia AT

Allterrain tire.
Couragia AT

Avg rating: 6.89

Street tire

Couragia FX

Avg rating: 
Couragia SUV

Avg rating: 7.00

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