Convert Metric Tire to Inches

Convert Metric Tire to Inches : The tire manufacturers played a nice trick on us when they converted tire sizes to metric size - they left out the tire height!

So how tall is that new metric tire you bought or want to buy? Will it be near as tall as the 33's you had? This calculator aims to put that right again.

The tires on a JEEP Cherokee (4X4 High Altitude) might be labeled: 225/60R18
225  — the nominal width of the tire is approximately 225 mm at the widest point
60    — indicates that the height of the sidewall of the tire is 60% of the width (135 mm)
R      — this is a radial tire
18    — this tire fits 18 in (457 mm) wheels


P-Metric Style
Example: 215/75R15
/ R

Inch Style
Example: 31 x 10.50 / 15
x /

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